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“9 star ki is a japanese adaptation of ancient chinese wisdom. With it, we can identify the core energetic patterns, tendencies and dynamics at work in our world. When applied with simplicity and precision, 9 star ki attunes us to live in harmony with nature’s cycles. It's wisdom allows us to more skillfully navigate our relationship to all of life.”


Hello. On this website I hope to share my understanding of 9 Star Ki, and my sense of how it can be used, to aid our growth or evolution.

At it’s simplest, 9 Star Ki is an energy classification system. We classify energy into 9 phases or transformations, each associated with a direction, a time of day, a time of season.

Everyone is aware that morning energy is different than evening energy. By drawing our attention to these differences, we can begin to recognize and observe these qualities in nature, and how they are reflected in the nature of ourselves and others, and in the times.

Through thousands of years of observation it has been established that each year has one dominant energy. Each month has a dominant energy. Knowing one’s date of birth, we can determine what energies are dominant in their life. We can then begin to navigate using this information. If we are going to have the energetic wind at our back, we can step into rapid forward progress. If the wind is in our face, we can look for ways to retreat or perhaps recharge. Knowing which way the wind is blowing, allows us to navigate more skillfully.

There are many systems for observing energetic phenomena. Some, incredibly accurate! For a system to be anything more than another mechanical marvel we must ask what purpose it serves. Does it, ultimately, point us back to the One?  Does it help us return to the original source of all energy?  By drawing our attention to oneness, we touch the ultimate source of creativity.  Using the simple, time honored imagery of the movement of natural systems, we are able to access an ancient expression of how the one moves in the manifest world. As we learn more of this simple language, we can touch subtle and nuanced understandings of how things move.

My invitation is for you to explore this system, as a brief, entertaining nugget of information, or a deep study into your own core energy.

Thank you, and please enjoy.

-Michael Becherer



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